Stylin' for Sarcoma

In 2011, my friend Eric lost his battle with sarcoma, a cancer of the soft tissue and bone.  Eric was a wonderful husband and father who left behind a wife (my friend for 20+ years) and a beautiful daughter who started the Eric D. Davis Sarcoma Foundation (EDDF) in his memory to help other adults and their families battling this disease. 

I am proud to join EDDF as a Partner in Hope by bringing much needed awareness to this "forgotten cancer" and fundraising for the EDDF Provide the Assist Fund.  This fund offers financial grants to help cover the travel expenses for adults with sarcoma or other rare cancers that are in active treatment.  

Team Eric for Sarcoma is the grassroots fundraising arm of EDDF.  Whether you are impacted directly or hearing about this cancer for the first time, we all can do our part and join the team to #ProvideTheAssist to those in this fight.  

If you would like to learn more about sarcoma or how you can support EDDF, please visit their Website