Respecting your time, my time, and everyone else's time around you is very important.  Promptness is greatly appreciated. To ensure quality service, a business must have structure.

  • Standing appointments are available and recommended
  • Clients that miss two consecutive scheduled appointments will be removed from the standard schedule
  • Schedule as far in advance as possible to ensure availability
  • 15 min will be considered late and will result in a longer wait time​
  • Cancellations should be communicated 24hrs prior to the appointment time
  • Improper cancelation will result in a $25 fee and will be charged upon your next visit
  • Payments Accepted: Cash, Check* and Credit (service charge of 2.9% will be applied)

*Checks returned unpaid will be charged a $35 non-sufficient funds (NSF) charge and ran again. 

All payments are due at time of service.